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My own Catopia

August 26, 2010   7:08 PM

I thought I should post an update for everyone. This past week I have been pretty lazy so I have not felt like writing much. I think the hot humid weather just took too much out of me. It is starting to cool off a bit and it was a wonderful 60 degrees this morning. Mr. Baloo has been spending the nights inside and he seems to enjoy that. At night we wander around and do little things to drive the two legged ones crazy. My personal favorite is to hack up a hairball in the exact spot where Kevin's foot lands when he gets out of bed at night. The shriek that it solicits from Kevin makes me purr every time. Oh yeah, I am in catopia.

When I was in Columbia, I met this other cat named Smudge. The Smudge, as I like to call him, is a male calico. How odd is that? Most calicoes are females.  Anyway, Smudge had a lump on his throat which turned out to be cancerous so they had to operate and he is supposed to start radiation therapy on Monday. Luckily he lives there with three of the two legged ones and there are also two other cat companions. At least he does not have to live in a motel for a month like Kevin and I did. So we will have to cat chat back and forth while he undergoes his RT. Here are a few pictures of him. He is a handsome cat and if I was a few years younger.... 

                                                                    "The Smudge"

Last week I mentioned we would dedicate a small section to a VAS cat. We would like you to meet.... 


Subie came into Kathy's life as a kitten who was found in a Subaru, hence the name Subie.  He was a beautiful black cat. Subie became a tripod due to Vaccine Associated Sarcoma and he sadly lost his battle on August 17, 2008. RIP Subie.


This weeks rant (OK, so I haven't "offically" ranted about anything yet, but this is a good place to start.)

This week in Coventry, England, one of my fellow comrades approached a nicely looking older "lady". This persons name is Mary Bale. Mary acted so happy to see my pal Lola, so Lola was purring, rubbing up against her, just being like any cat. Suddenly Mary Bale picked up Lola and dumped her in a garbage can where Lola was trapped for 15 hours! SHAME ON YOU MARY BALE! The crime was caught on camera.


What is this world coming to? At first I thought this woman worked for PETA or something. Some of you will remember how two PETA employees catnapped and dognapped some animals from shelters, supposedly to "rescue" them, only to take them out to the PETA van, euthanize them, and then throw the dead animals in trash cans. So I naturally wondered if Mary Bale worked for the UK branch of PETA.

I DO NOT LIKE PETA! I hope they never come to "rescue" me! I am always amazed at how many celebrities buy into PETA's propaganda.


OK, rant over. I need to eat and groom. Paws out for now!





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