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Not feeling too hot these days...

August 12, 2010  8:01 AM

Not sure what is going on but my leg has been a little achy. They think it is from the radical surgery I had, with so much muscle tissue removed. Kevin gave me a little morphine to help the pain but now I am constipated. It really makes me feel pretty "crappy". They gave me some lactulose and last night when Kevin did it on his own, he squirted most of it on my mane. So, because he messed up and missed, I was all sticky and had to get a bath. I was given some more today and I fought bravely. I just do not like things squirted into my mouth. They place the liquid into a syringe and blast away. How irksome!

Things are getting back to normal around here. As usual, there is a large work crew here everyday and no matter HOW MANY TIMES I tell them to leave the gate open so the dogs can go on walk about, Kevin has become the gate nazi and he always tells them to CLOSE the gate. How am I supposed to get rid of all of these dogs if they keep closing the gate? I keep using my Cati powers on the dogs and tell them "This is not the house you are looking for", You need to do your business out on the road", "Move along, move along". They just do not listen!

My follow up appointment with the oncologist is on the 17th. My buddy Mr. Smudge back in Columbia also has to go in that day for some follow up. I think I got off easy compared to him. He had to get a feeding tube and he is fed through that every day. He had the throat cancer so he will have to start radiation therapy soon as well. I do not envy him. He will have to go through the same things I did. Radiation Monday through Friday. At least he lives there so he will not have to stay in a hotel like we did. That really sucked.

I am left alone for the most part during the day. I am given first breakfast around 5:30 AM (if I can get Kevin to pull himself out of the bed. I am not sure why he needs to sleep so long) and then I get second breakfast around 8:00. First lunch is served around noon and I am usually deprived of second lunch and afternoon snack and there is no more food until first dinner. I will probably not even get that today. Kevin got a bunch of new wood working tools yesterday and he seemed pretty excited so I imagine he is going to work with those all day. Just great!

I think I will take a nap now. Kevin keeps digging in my litter box and it is making me a little uncomfortable. He says he is looking for my poopies so I figured if he wanted them THAT bad I would make it easy for him and stick them inside his new shoes. He has not worn them for days...go figure.

Paws out!


Aug. 13th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry about Dr. Watson. That is so sad.



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