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It's good to be home

August 6, 2010  11:24 PM

Tomorrow marks the first week of being home. It has been nice getting settled into my routine again. The food is good, although I am pretty picky these days. The bed is far better than the one at the motel. I cannot say it is quieter though. There seems to be dozens of people here every day and I do not know any of them. I guess they are workers trying to do repairs after the hail storm.

The new puppy is very clumsy. He trips over his own ears when he walks. The other dogs seem to like him. He has learned that when he cries, he gets a lot of attention. You would think someone was killing him the way he yelps. He comes to the door but I just hiss at him to let him know I am the boss. I relish my Fancy Feast while they are eating dry kibble. Ha ha...they just do not know how to "work" Kevin and get the good stuff.

Yesterday, Butters was taken into the vets and he got tutored. He seemed a little confused when they picked him up. He kept saying something about the squirrels taking his nuts? Not sure what he meant but I heard them say they were going to have to start calling him "Nuttered".

It is time for bed. I like to curl up in Kevin's arm and I stay there for about 15 minutes before I move to the bottom. I allow Kevin to sleep for a few hours before I wake him up and remind him it is time to feed me. Life is good.

Paws out.




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