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Home sweet home

August 1, 2010   1:54 PM

We made it home to Oklahoma City by 4:00 PM. It was so nice to be home! Kevin made a nice little custom pillow for me to put between the seats and I rode there most of the way. Fortunately I slept most of the way so the trip went fast.

At home, it was chaos! Privet was meowing for attention like crazy. They picked Baloo and Butters up and Baloo was howling for almost an hour it seemed. He smelled worst than a wet dog too! Phew! I guess he thought he smelled pretty good. Butters looked great and had put on some weight. I heard them talking and they said something about taking him into the vets to be "tutored". I do not see why, he is not as smart as I am and no "tutoring" will help him!

The new puppy just begs for attention too. He is always under your feet and trips you if he is not tripping himself. At first Baloo did not like him and growled at him but they got over it fast and were playing with each other like they were old pals. Frida, the border collie hates him but she is kind of odd and hates every new dog. Chula the boxer, seems to like him too and is kind of protective of him. He came up to the glass and I quickly established my position there. He ran away but I could not tell if his tail was between his legs because it always is.

Here is a video for the dog lovers. I guess they deserve some Internet time too. They still are not as cute as kittens playing.

Paws out for now, I need to catch up on some grooming. I also need to get some new smells spread around. I will post more soon.


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Aug. 1st, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)

So very glad that you've successfully escaped and made your back home. Camilla the Basset and I continue to wish you the very best.

Kevin, I enjoyed running into you at the vet hospital. People such as yourself who care and give so much for their pet companions are few and far. I hope that you and Stimpy continue to have amazing adventures together.

Aug. 4th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Congratulations!
Rich, thank you for the note. It was nice meeting you and Camilla too. I know you are a great pet caregiver too. It is amazing how much these furry little things make our lives so much better. Feel free to drop a note any time either here or direct e-mail. Have a great week and best to you and Camilla!
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