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Mad Cat Disease

July 29, 2010  1:40 PM

I hear that cows get something called Mad Cow Disease. It must be like what I am going through because I am getting pretty mad about having to go into "The School" every day. They keep trying to get me to talk but they do not know how stubborn I can be. I can stand anything they dish out. Once again I am taken into the small chamber, and they close the doors so I cannot escape. Hiding in the crate is useless now as they have figured out how to remove the top so I cannot hide towards the back and hiss at them like I used to be able to do. Before they were afraid to reach in and get me out but with the top removed, I am defenseless. They grab me by the back of my neck and I once again go limp. When I get home I must excercise that area to tighten it up so they cannot grab it so easily.

There was a lot of commotion out in the hallway this morning after Kevin left the room. I heard a lot of "oohs and aahs" so I figured it must have been some puppies. They sent in 12 agents to spy on us cats. There were 12 American Bulldog puppies in a basket I am told, and they are clearly infiltration units. I will not talk and I have told my comrades in the detention block to just hiss at them and not talk. We must stick together.

Here is a picture of the "agents". Keep a lookout for them, they are not as innocent as they look.


We must send in a basket of kittens to help limit the effects of these agents on the two legged ones. There is nothing cuter than a basket full of kittens. They will be powerless against our agents.


Last night I sent Kevin out of the room. I needed my space so I could do some "cat things". I cannot tell you what I did, it is top secret. Let's just say he had better look twice at that piece of chocolate he left out. He went over to Alison and Eric's house for dinner and I managed to get word to their cats that a break out of  my cell is imminent. I may need help in hiding. I have a comrade there, Alison's sister. Her name is Ren. For some strange reason I feel like I know her from some past life. Ren & Stimpy...just can't place a paw on it at the moment. Hmm....

I heard them say that tomorrow is my last day. Ha ha! I knew I could last longer than them. It sounds like they are finally giving up on me and releasing me. There is supposed to be some kind of meeting tomorrow to discuss my future visits. I think they have finally realized that I cannot be broken and they have no choice but to release me. I heard them say something today about "watching" me and reporting anything unusual. I will have to do my secret missions at night while they sleep. I think I have managed to destroy all the tracking units they keep implanting into my butt each day  and I heard Kelvin say they only have one left. Who's the smart one now? 

Paws out for now...the litter box needs some attention. Hey Kevin, go clean my litter box, and while you are at it, peel me a grape!


Apparently Kevin has way too much time on his hands and decided to try his hand at dressing me in drag with some computer program. This is the final humiliation. I am pretty sure there is some law against this somewhere.




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