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The place is going to the dogs...

July 27, 2010  4:00 PM

Today was a particularly long day. Again, no food or water (what is up with that??) and when we got to the school, Kevin opened the crate and I crawled out and was sitting next to him. I did not realize it was a trap. Kelvin  showed up and carried my crate and Kevin carried me. I was not a happy cat. I was growling all the way to the exam room. I was once again placed upon the table and the poking began. I am not sure what they are looking for. I have remained silent. They will not get any information out of me. I think that probe they stick in my butt is some kind of tracking device. No matter where I hide, Kevin can find me.

Today they zapped that melanoma on my eye. They are not worried that it was bad since it had been there so long but they went ahead and shrank it as a precautionary measure. After that I had to get yet another radiation treatment. Just look at me...I am starting to glow!!


My eyes are dilated so I have to hold them closed. Kevin closed the drapes in the room and it helps somewhat. He also put some drops in my eyes. I think it is some kind of truth serum.

Apparently, things are going to the dogs back home. A new puppy was introduced into the home today. You know what they say...while the cat is away. I guess it is true. I will have to reestablish my position when I get home and let them know who is boss. The new guy is a bloodhound and he has been named Dr. Watson. We will see if he lives up to the name. It will probably be more like Dr. Want some. I want some of this, I want some of that. Dogs...go figure. I will say it here since he cannot read, he is cute but I will have to pretend to hate him like the other dogs. I wonder how he and Mr. Baloo will get along. Mr. Baloo is alpha dog but since he has been gone he may be pretty jealous. The official count now is three cats (cats rule!), four dogs and a scarlet macaw. The numerous other wildlife animals do not count. There are deer, skunks, raccoons, peacocks and even a bobcat that roams the property at times. One time there was an armadillo...what an unfortunate looking creature that is!

Here is a picture of Dr. Wantsome, er, I mean Watson. I can tell by the look on his face that he already thinks he is smarter than I am. Dr. Watson, meet Mr. Claw...


Kevin is ready to get out of here. I think he is more stressed than I am. I try to remain strong for him so I can carry him out the door. Sometimes I have to go and put my paw over his nose to see if he is breathing. He needs a vacation.

Only three more treatments to go. I hope these next three days go by fast. Finally, I can sleep in my own bed on Saturday night.


Paws out.


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Jul. 28th, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
Hi Kevin:
May I asked you a question about Stimpy's radiation treatments? You may have seen on the VAS board that I mentioned I was a bit confused/concerned about the idea that Salem will be anesthetized to the point of needing intubation for each of her treatments starting on Monday....I had thought from someone else's earlier comments that they just gassed the cat into a nap and that was the extent of it. So my question is: what level of anesthesia/sedation is Stimpy getting each day? Is he given an IV and intubated, or is he just lightly sedated somehow else? Do you know the actual method and/or process they are using on him? Thank you!!
-Robin from VAS
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