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I've gotta get out of this place...

July 25, 2010  2:50 PM

It has  been a pretty boring weekend. About the only excitement around here has been all the kids in the motel. I guess every weekend they descend upon the city for some sporting events and the place is just packed full of kids all weekend. I guess we will have to tolerate it again next Friday but it will only be for one night. We get to go home next Saturday! I do not care if it is a 20  hour drive, I just want to get out of here. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, be in my own home. Yeah, OK, I also miss the others.

Kevin did laundry again so it gave me a nice cozy warm place to lay for a while. He was so rude to move me though and then he put every thing away. I get no respect around here.

More rain here, more  high winds. This place is worse  than Oklahoma! Being on the third floor does not help either. The wind just howls and I go and hide in the closet. It does not seem to bother Kevin but he also weighs more than me so he does not have to worry about being swept away from a gust.

I am  not sure how he has done it, but Kevin has kept this motel room remarkably clean and tidy. He even hangs up his clothes. I never knew a chair was made for sitting in until we came here. Kevin uses the chair at home in the bedroom for stacking his clothes. He cleans the kitchen, washes the dishes, makes the bed on some days. Hmm...maybe Kevin have become one of those Stepford Husbands. This is not like him at all. Maybe he is the victim to one of those body snatching aliens. I saw a movie the other night about some invasion of some body snatchers. This would explain a lot. This guy definitely does not act like the "other" Kevin. I will have to observe closely....

Andy is flying here on Thursday to ride back with us. I am glad because it is a long trip by yourself. I also like having a doctor present on "check out". He understands all the medical stuff and knows what to ask.

6:42 PM

It is almost 7:00 PM. I am dreading the evening because it means once again I have to take up Stimpy's food and once again, I have to take her into the vet school to start radiation treatment again. Poor Stimpy looks at me at times when we are going there as if she is asking "why are you doing this to me?"

It has come to the point that I hate reading any more about it on the Internet. It is clear that it is a common occurence, yet it seems like nothing is being done by the pharmaceutical companies to change anything. How could something like this be in the news for nearly 20 years now and still, every day you learn of another case. Another person joined the VAS support group today because she just found out that her 4 year old cat has VAS.

Our neighbor in Oklahoma City was a State Senator for two terms. She is well respected in the community so when I return to OKC I am going to sit down with her and use her resources to start making some changes at home. Mandatory disclosure MUST become as routine as these vaccinations. I still cannot believe that you do not hear about this until after your pet is stricken with it. I do not work (by choice), I have time to join pet groups, perhaps do some tables at shows. Education is key here. It has to start with the pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps some lawsuits affecting their profits will make them wake up and realize that they are killing our pets. For some people, these pets mean everything to them, it is all they have in their lives. To lose their companion due to greed is unacceptable. How many of our pets have to suffer and die before a class action suit is slapped on these pharmaceutical companies so they will wake up and make changes. Every day you see commercials from lawyers seeking participants for a class action suit that targets pharmaceutical companies. Our companion animals should be treated the same. If a state can impose a law on us forcing us to vaccinate our animals, then there can also be a law that goes with that requiring disclosure. The pharmaceutical companies may be able to hide behind some loopholes now, but those loopholes can always be closed.

I could write for days about this. All it is doing to me now is causing frustration and anger. Looking over at the bed, seeing Stimpy curled up, not knowing why she has been removed from her home in OKC and having to live in a motel room for a month, and being poked and prodded daily and subject to anesthesia and radiation, it is easy to get angry. I will channel that anger to make changes.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Stimpy. This was taken while she slept peacefully on the bed following her radiation treatment for the day.



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