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July 24, 2010  9:27 AM

Ahhh...it  is finally Saturday! I woke up this morning, food was in my bowl, I had water, the birds were singing...it is a good day!  I do not have to go into the vet school so I can just kick back and chill. I think I am just going to eat and sleep all weekend. It is easy to look forward to the upcoming week because we get to go home on Saturday! Woo hoo! Kevin will have to make a run to the store to get me some more wet food. I hear that we are down to one can! WHAT? How can we be down to one can? I think he is taking some little nibs of my stuff while I am not watching. I will have to monitor this situation closely!


Kevin has promised me a salmon dinner when I get home. I will have to re-establish my authority there. I am sure the other animals have slacked off in the past several weeks. Ms. Privet will have to relinquish the spot on the bed. It is not big enough for both of us. Mr. Butters and Mr. Baloo already fear me so there will be no issues with them. The Bird...what to do with The Bird? That dang scarlet macaw thinks she runs the place. She thinks she is SOOOOOOOOO smart just because she can speak human talk. I will teach her a new phrase...The Birdman of Alcatraz. I saw this movie the other night and it has given me an idea. I will tell her she is being sent off to Club Pet for a "vacation". He he he. Paws out for now. CATS RULE!


1:55 PM

Word has come from home that Mr. Baloo is homesick and wants to return home. Poor guy has a long road ahead of him. He will have to remain kind of inactive until about mid August. It sounds like there are a lot of things going on at home too, some new people there doing a lot of work so we will not know these people when we get home. A new landscape crew is there changing things, some repairs on the house need to be done because of the hail storm, a new gate is being made and will be installed soon along with a new fence across the front area. I will have to let these people know that the dogs are not in charge there, it is I. Mr. Baloo will have to reestablish his alpha dog position. Frida and Chula will probably have to check him out all over again. Frida is a border collie and Chula is a boxer. I suppose as soon as Baloo regains his freedom he will have to run and jump in that dirty pond again. Dogs...they have no sense on cleanliness.

Andy sent this picture of Baloo. He is over at Dana's. Apparently he is trying to escape and has been chewing up the door! Mr. Butters is hanging in there but I am sure he would like to be outside once again. Everyone has made some sacrifices for me during this radiation treatment. It is good to have friends who can help out too.


Baloo's fur is starting to grow out. He looks like such a puppy with the short hair. We pretend like we do not like each other but we really do. We have to keep up appearances around the two legged ones.



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