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Over the hump

July 21, 2010  6:53 PM

It gets more exciting every day the treatment is over because the reality of going home is become clearer. It seems like we have been here forever. Today marked the 11th treatment so I only have seven left. It is beginning to really get to me though. When they come to get me from the holding cell, I hiss at them to let them know I am to be feared. We cats were cursed with this weak spot just behind our necks. When they get a chance, they quickly grab me there and it makes me go limp. I am powerless to resist. They check my pulse, listen to my heart, weigh me and, I hate to write this, they stick this probe inside me until it makes this "beep" noise. I think they must be collecting my DNA for some diabolical reason. I must remain calm.

I hid under the chair this morning, but this room is small and Kevin now knows all my hiding places. Maybe I can crawl into the dishwasher...he would never think to look there. I also think that Kevin is onto me about this bed that he bought for Baloo. I heard him mention something about giving it back to Baloo so I had to sleep on it again. I am too cute curled up on it so it will not take it away from me.

This calendar is starting to look pretty good! Wow, only seven more treatments and I can go home!


Here is a short video I took of Stimpy today while she played with a fluffy ball. I realize that someday I am going to really treasure every video and every picture of Stimpy. I just hope that these surgeries and radiation therapy help extend her life for another 10 years. She is very special to me.



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