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Single digits

July 20, 2010  3:04 PM

Stimpy and I have survived the half way point and we are finally into the single digits as far as the remaining treatments go. The day started with a pretty fierce storm. High winds, heavy rain, lightning and thunder sent Stimpy into hiding. By the time we left, the car was surrounded in a lake of water and I had to walk through it to get to it. With soaking feet, I loaded Stimpy and off we went.

Today marked the end of Tiffany being our vet student assistant. She will move onto pathology rounds and a new student will be assigned to Stimpy tomorrow. When I picked Stimpy up, Tiffany gave Stimpy a gift of a huge can of tuna. She said Stimpy was her favorite oncology patient. Stimpy is holding up well, she is a good little trooper. She is starting to show some burn on her skin. It saddens me that she has to go through all this. I do not know if she understands everyone is trying to help her but she still trusts me and comes to me. As soon as we got back to the room, I mentioned food and she always brightens up. At times, Stimpy will ignore you but the word food always gets a response. She will generally stand on her hind legs and crawl up the side of the cabinet, reaching for it. I gave her the tuna, just a small amount at first with her Azodyl mixed in, and after she ate that, I gave her some more. She is resting comfortably on the bed now. I tend to keep the room pretty cool in hopes that it eases her burn somewhat.

Word from home is that Baloo is going nuts in the "dog house". Poor thing doesn't understand that he needs to be confined for a time period while he heals from his heartworm treatment. It has been quite a record month for vet bills. Butters is doing OK too but I wish I was home. I am really starting to feel the lonliness of sitting in a motel room for a month. Seeing that Stimpy seems to be adjusted to the surroundings now does give me some comfort.

So, now we are down to eight treatments. I keep looking ahead, think that after tomorrow, it is Thursday and then it is Friday. This coming Friday will be such a welcome relief. It will mean that we can go home next week. Wow, we can go home next week! When we get home, I will set a placemat at the dining table and give Stimpy a special treat.

I'd better sign off. Her highness is sitting by the litter box giving me that "you don't expect me to use this right now do you, it has not been cleaned yet" look. She is odd in the fact that she will not bury her urine but she will bury the poop. That is of course unless I have not had a chance to clean it yet, in which case she will leave it exposed as a form of punishment for me for not cleaning it sooner. Coming Stimpy....




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