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Stormy day

July 18, 2010  6:56 AM

We woke up this morning to rain, thunder and lightning. There is a severe storm moving through the area. They say there is some possibility of large hail. I hope it is nothing like what it was in Oklahoma City in May. Before this came up with Stimpy, I used to really care a lot about keeping a car in spotless, dent free condition. Now, it all seems pretty trivial because obviously it is easy to replace a material thing but you cannot replace your pet. When I talked to Dana about some of the criticisms we were getting for spending so much money on Stimpy's care, she put it very well by saying "you can replace money but you cannot replace your pet".

Stimpy came out long enough to eat some but promptly retreated to her refuge under the bedskirt. This time it is because of the thunder. She always hides in the closet at home when it thunders. Lightning struck the land lines at home and none of the phones work yet. It is not a huge inconveninence these days with cell phones but it does prevent us from opening the gate with the phone.

You keep thinking about ways to be effective in educating people about VAS. Do we group and protest at the pharm companies, on the steps of our capital at home, a letter writing campaign? The Internet certainly is a valuable tool for reaching so many. The other day I was behind a car with a pink cancer ribbon on it and it occured to me how universally recognized this ribbon is for cancer. Perhaps we should design one to make people more aware of feline cancer? I tinkered for a few minutes with a design. What do you think? Any constructive thoughts or criticisms? In case it is not obvious, these are supposed to be two striped tabby tails.


I posted the video of Stimpy above. It is kind of long but the best part is at 2:15. I am always fascinated by watching a cat drink water for some reason and Stimpy does this cute little thing before she drinks water. I will write more later. I suppose I should sign off before lightning strikes my computer. 

11:12 AM

The storm has passed and Stimpy is curled up on the carpet. At least she is out from under the bedskirt. I am probably like most parents of pets, you worry about leaving them alone so I pretty much stay in the room with her after her treatments. I thought about bringing some things to do here. I am working on two art glass windows for the front entry of the house in OKC so before I came, I built the new frames for them, planned the design, but when I calculated the amount of glass I needed for each window, it was going to be 37 square feet of glass per window! I just did not want to carry that much glass in the vehicle with me. Thankfully this journal gives me something constructive to do.

OK, is there some pet psychologist who can explain this to me? I bought this bed for Baloo and immediately, Stimpy claimed it as hers. I thought, how cute, she loves it. So, I bring it to Columbia with us and she has not laid on it one single time!

Sometimes I really think cats are far smarter than people think and I believe they have that same thought process that humans have. Stimpy is sometimes stubborn and she does not take to new things easily so I even worried about her litter box I made for her before we came. I did not have time to finish it on the outside, but basically I made a custom tile lined box that will eventually be finished like a house on the outside with a roof that lifts for easy cleaning. Surprisingly she did not hesitate to use it. Stimpy is a real prima donna when it comes to her litter box. She will not use it unless it is clean and then, she sometimes let her back end hang over the edge so sometimes she missed! I made higher walls on this with an extra large litter box so now she has to keep it inside. The tile walls make for easy clean up too.

12:30 PM

Poor Stimpy has thrown up for the first time today since this has started. It was different from her hairballs. Of course this had to happen on a Sunday when the vet school is closed. I thought about venturing out for a short time but I guess I will stay in the room with her to make sure she is OK. I hope this is not the beginning of some bad side effects for her. I wish I could tell her that what we are doing for her is for her well being.

3:52 PM

Stimpy seems to be resting better right now. I hope it was an isolated incident. I realize cats throw up now and then but when they are undergoing so many changes like this, it makes you worry more.

When I first started learning about this cancer, you read reports on how 1 in 10, 000, or 1 in 1,000 cats are hit with this and they say how rare it is. Now, after joing a support group for VAS cancer survivors and ones who have lost their lives to this, I am beginning to realize it is not so rare after all, in fact, it seems pretty common place. I wonder how many go unreported, or misdiagnosed, or the poor cats simply die from it because their caretakers cannot afford to help their companion animals.

Here are a few important links for anyone who is affected by this terrible disease. I recommend the support group as there are many caring people there who have been through this or they are going through it right now.


For those who wish to contribute to a fund dedicated to help people who cannot afford the care that comes with this terrible cancer, please click on this link and donate to Kobi's Fund. If you are in need of help, they may be able to help you if you meet the requirements. This fund is meant to help people who truly need help.




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