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It is finally Friday!

July 16, 2010  7:12 AM

There is good reason to welcome Friday's again. Back home it was just another day but now it means relief for Stimpy for the weekend. I pulled her crate out early and set it up so she can get used to the fact she is not being shoved into it right away. Poor thing, she is still hiding under the bed skirt.

Andy reports in about things at home. Privet is doing well but he says she is a real "cling-on". That is one thing I like about her but he prefers cats like Stimpy, ones who are more independent and aloof and do not need attention. Privet is a wonderful lap kitty. Andy was trying to maintain some control and take care of Baloo  too by leaving him at the house but since he was not there to watch him full time, Baloo went kind of nuts being in a crate. He sees and hears the other two dogs outside running and barking and he wants to be outside with them.

Andy tells me the roofers finished replacing the roof. When the hail storm rolled through in May, it did some horrible property damage to the area. Practically everyone got a new roof. At least I did not have to deal with that while I am here.

Here is a picture taken on the day we left for Columbia. I woke up early and saw this beautiful sky. The green thing in the background is the pond. It is covered with some floating green stuff right now. The dogs love it for some reason and will go frolic in it but they will not come near the pool if you are in it. I guess it is too clean for them. Baloo avoids it completely because I have placed him in the pool with me a few times and he just wants to get out. It drives me nuts when the dogs show up covered from head to tail in this green stuff but will avoid the pool. No matter how much water you place out for them too, they always have to drink from the pond or the koi pond. Dogs...go figure.

It is almost time to go. I hope things go easier for Stimpy. She is still under the bed skirts. By the time this is over, the dogs and cats at home will have forgotten about me and Stimpy will hate me. There is a scarlet macaw at home but she hates everyone already so there will be no love lost there. Who knows, maybe she will have missed me. Yeah...right. I'll write more later.

8:42 AM

I am happy to report that Stimpy did much better this morning. I brought the crate out and placed it on the counter about an hour before we had to leave. She did hide again but became comfortable with the fact that she was not placed in it right away. She eventually came out and walked around the room. It was a much easier transition this morning.

Our oncologist in Oklahoma City suggested we try a spray called Feliway. It is a cat pheromone spray and they say it helps calm them in stressful environments. Before coming here, we went to Petsmart and bought the spray as well as the plug in room version and they really seem to help. I sprayed some in her crate about 15 minutes prior to our departure and she really seemed pretty calm. It certainly seemed to work on me too, as I was calmer this morning too.

She sneezes once in a while but I've noticed that is usually after she has been playing around her catnip. I think she is snorting it! I love watching a cat react to catnip. For me, it is a good sign too that she is feeling well enough to do her thing.

I am so glad it is Friday. After Stimpy comes back to the room it will give me a chance to do some laundry and  go work out some. I am grateful I have a full kitchen so I can cook. Having to eat out, even for a week, would be horrible. Stimpy always comes into the kitchen and strategically places herself behind me so she can get stepped on. I have grown accustomed to this habit so I always have to look behind me now before I back up.

Friday, 5:54PM

It has been a good Friday. Stimpy was at the vet school a little longer than usual but only because her radiation therapy was started later. She seemed calm again although a little wired when I picked her up. She is doing fine and has had "first dinner".

While I was there waiting for Stimpy, Alison and Eric came in. I was so glad to see them. These are the two who's cat was in surgery last week and I worried about their cat since I did not see them again on Monday. Their cat "Smudge" came through OK and they were there to get some supplements for him. Alison said he is a 13 year old male Calico which is pretty rare, as most calicoes are female. It really made my day to see them and learn that Smudge was at home with them.

I actually did laundry today and enjoyed it. Funny how you can enjoy something like that when you are away from home but it gave me a chance to do something different. It also gave me a chance to talk to a lady in the laundry room and bring up Stimpy and VAS. I use every opportunity I get these days to educate people about this terrible cancer. I just do not want someone to learn about it the same way we learned about Stimpy's VAS.

Stimpy is curled up on the bed again, and thankfully she has a few days off now.


Only 10 more fractions to go!



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