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Hump Day

July 14, 2010 5:46 PM

The middle of the week, so finally I know what it is like to look forward to Friday's. It never really mattered before, because all the days were pretty care free. Now that I have to go through this radiation treatment, I can look forward to Friday's because I get the weekend off.

My vet student assistant was sick today so I had a new one, an oncologist nurse who is also a cat person. Apparently she has a cat who has cancer too, but I am not sure what type. It is good there are people like this who take care of us.

It was raining dogs today. I really mean it was raining dogs! The lobby was packed full of dogs. There was a giant Great Dane who was playing with a beagle, there were boxers, border collies, all kinds. I could tell they all feared me though. This place is going to the dogs. A few of the dogs tried to incite a riot and pretty soon, they were all barking. No worries, I had the problem taken care of.



I was told today that these giant pills can be opened and mixed with some wet food. This is good. Whoever made a pill bigger than a cats mouth and expected the caregiver to get it down our throats without bloodshed was sadly mistaken. It gets mixed in with the tuna and tilapia blend and I heard Kevin say that NOTHING could get by that smell detected. I am not sure what he meant by that, I think the tuna and tilapia smell wonderful.

I heard the camera start up again. I make it as hard as possible to get cute pictures. No freebies! Every once in a while, he will get a good one while I am dozing. These Egyptian cotton sheets are wonderful and well deserved seeing how I do have some connections with Ancient Egypt. I must demand these when I get home.

Only 12 more treatments to go. I will be so glad to get home.


Here are some video's I have found on cats dealing with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma. They are sad, but they need to be seen.

This last video is very heartbreaking. The caregiver is obviously angry about the loss of his cat to this horrible cancer, and rightfully so. This one will make you cry.



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