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Due to censorship from LiveJournal and Boehringer Ingelheim, I will be reorganizing Stimpy's Journey on my new website.

It's nice to know that Freedom of Expression can still be quashed in America by a few corporate pigs but you can still find the "banned information on my new site. I will keep both sites updated so either one should keep you abreast of things.

I have just launched my new website, www.thecatstimpy.com

Apparently the powers that be at Boehringer Ingelheim do not like having their names and addresses splashed all over the Internet where their victims can see it. I will be moving Stimpy's Journey to my own website in an easier to read format. At thecatstimpy.com it does not violate my TOS to publish their contact information.

I want to thank everyone for their support. This is not the end of the journey for Stimpy's Story, it's just moving to a better format.


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David Townsend
Jan. 19th, 2013 03:06 am (UTC)
dios mio
for christ's sake, you had a 16-year-old cat who died of cancer. spoiler alert: that happens. get another cat and shut the hell up.

through this whole experience, have you ever bothered to research VAS? at worst, it only happens to 1 in a thousand cats (so yours was just unlucky that it was this particular cancer she got at the end of her very long life) - how many cats do you think are vaccinated w/ BI products every year? do they all get VAS?

further, it can happen w/ vaccines or antibiotics manufactured by any company (or even sterile water, so it seems to rely more on injection technique than any particular medication). why blame this one? again, you had a REALLY old cat, so w/ that in mind, why blame anyone?

i do sympathize w/ your poor kitty (she looked like my starsky; he died at 11+, but i don't blame anyone for it, because he was old); however, i do not sympathize w/ you because you're a grown-ass man acting like a stupid child. it's been a year. move on. you claim to have spent $25K treating a cat for what is generally accepted to be a no-win situation (your vet would already know this, and if s/he is the least bit ethical, not take your money / treat the patient). i really hope you didn't spend that money, but IF you did, you could have helped a whole lot more cats w/ better prognoses than yours had, so... way to go?

if you don't unscreen this comment, can i accuse you of quashing my freedom of expression? i suspect you might not, so i'm going to publish this under your google places review as well. really, dude. get another cat. you'll feel better.
Jan. 19th, 2013 07:34 am (UTC)
Re: dios mio
David Townsend is obviously a troll. Interesting how he has pictures of Boehringer Ingelheim vaccines on his Facebook page.

We have an expert here, he believes everything he has read on the Internet about VAS. As far as my spending $40,000 on Stimpy's care, it is really no business of yours. It is MY money, not yours fool.

By the way, I screen comments now because of idiots who like to post hateful things. Life is too short to waste on little people. As far as your in depth research into my life, no, I am not the Kevin Gale Sexton you mentioned, and no, I do not want to be buried next to my mother. I prefer cremation.

As far as publishing the contact information of these people at the pharms, get over it. It's public domain, and they bring this cancer into our homes uninvited. One last thing, why are you so worried about how I conduct my life? Is yours so empty that you have to impose your crap on others? Talk about acting like a stupid child!

As far as you publishing your review on Google places, PLEASE DO. The more exposure, the more people who come here, the better.

Edited at 2013-01-22 01:30 am (UTC)
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