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Home again

July 12, 2010 11:50 AM

The treatment is over for the day. I am back in the room curled up on the bed once again. I am starting to think that perhaps being back in Oklahoma is not such a bad thing. I am missing the others, but I did not realize that until now. I guess Baloo has been tearing things up and breaking out of his crate every day so he is being sent  off to boarding school. I tried to convince them to send him to the one in Switzerland but apparently that is "too far away". I have heard that after his heartworm treatment, he has to remain crated for 4-6 weeks. Hmmm...too bad it is happening while I am away. I wouldn't mind if he was crated for 4-6 weeks when I get back. He is really not such a bad dog but he is a dog and I am a cat so I have to pretend to hate him.

The only  good thing about the radiation treatment being over every day is that I get to go home and have some Fancy Feast. Dang, I was thirsty today too.

We met a nice dog at the vet school today named Chelsea.  Apparently she had to have a tumor removed from her leg as well and will probably have to undergo radiation treatment. At least I am not going at this alone. She looked a little like Baloo before he got his hair shaved off. I have heard this vet school is the best place to be for this kind of treatment. I will be happy when it is over though.

We did not see Eric and Allison today so I do not know how their cat is doing. I hope he pulled through his surgery OK.





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