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Day two, and finally it's FRIDAY

July 9, 2010  9:12 PM

Today was the second day of my radiation. Apparently they are going to put me under twice today and do two sessions. I must remain strong, I will not talk.

I was a little confused when I woke up this morning why my caregiver would not feed me. No food, no water...nothing. To his credit though, I did not see him eating anything either. Maybe we are all out of food?

To best explain my mood today, this picture would pretty much sum it up:

We arrived at the Vet School at 8:00. The vet student who is assisting me right now is named Tiffany. She was outside with some of those dogs and the dogs were jumping around, playing, obviously oblivious to the fact that we were at an experimental school and they were trying to get as much information out of us as they possibly could. I WILL NOT TALK! Those dogs give up way too easy. They may think they have control over me but I am silently observing them, waiting to make my move. It is only a matter of time.

Waiting in the lobby area this morning was another cat with her caregivers. This cat was also in a small box with holes. I have noticed that when cats are brought into this place, we are required to be in a box while the dogs are allowed to walk around on a long thing called a leash. The humans obviously fear us cats more and that is why we are required to be contained. Apparently the other cat is here to have a lump removed from his throat. When Kevin returned to get me at 3:30, they were still there and when I was brought out, I saw Kevin talking to them. It sounds like my fellow comrade is going through a lot and may have to have radiation therapy too. Kevin talked to these two, Eric and Allison and so we are hoping all turns out well for them. I hope we see them again on Monday so we can inquire about him. This is difficult for us even though we do not know him at all, but we know what they are going through.

I am now back in the room. There seems to be no way of escape from this place. I have looked out of the window and we are up high, on the third floor. Maybe when I was younger I could have jumped and landed on my feet but this may be too much for me. I will just have to wait until that door is open....

I have taken to this yellow chair in the room. It is quite comfortable. Since this is Friday, I get a break from my radiation therapy until Monday.
When will this madness end?

Paws out.



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