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First day of radiation treatment

July 8, 2010 9:03 PM

The day has come and gone. This was my first day of radiation therapy. I was told that I will have to do 18 fractions, doing one a day with the exception of tomorrow. They will do two tomorrow so that my treatments will end on a Friday. They do not do treatments on the weekends so it looks like we will be in Columbia until July 30th. We were told today the treatments will be $3000 plus any additional things that could come up so by the time it is all over, the treatments here will probably be around $5000 not including the travel expenses. I wonder what people do who cannot afford to do this. I guess their poor pets have to suffer. It is really pretty sad.

I was sure happy to see my caregiver today when he came and picked me up. I was still a little tired and my eyes were a little watery. As soon as I got home I was finally able to eat. So far my appetite is still good. I am not so sure about Kevin though...he is pretty stressed out over all of this.

Here are a few pictures of our new digs for the next month. It is small but not too bad for a motel room.

I have been a little wiped out these last few days from all this treatment. Here are a few pictures of me curled up on the bed and sofa in the room. I just want to sleep for now...



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