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What a way to celebrate the 4th!

July 6th, 2010

I know this is a lousy picture of me and Stimpy but it is the best one I have right now. Stimpy is not what you would call a lap kitty and this is one of those rare moments when she tolerated me holding her close.

July 4th started off pretty normal. I got some things done in preparation of the trip to Columbia and decided to go swimming. After getting out of the pool, I went into the house to shower and while showering, it felt like something popped in my head. It was worrisome because I developed a headache almost immediately. I continued working but about an hour later, my head was really hurting so I went into the ER. Fortunately, with my connections there, I was able to bypass the long line and was taken into a room and within 15 minutes, a CT scan. I was also shot up with morphine and anti nausea medicine and then something was shot into my butt to make me feel better. It apparently worked until they told me that the CT scan was unremarkable and they wanted to do a spinal tap to rule out more serious things. A SPINAL TAP?!?! Never in my life had I had one and I panicked. All I heard about spinal taps was how horribly painful they were. They did not lie. I was "numbed" but I still felt the needles. During the tapping, my blood sugar dropped so low to something like 42 and I nearly fainted. They said I turned white. After the ordeal was over, I had to wait another hour for the results. Fortunately, they were negative. The opinion was that the stress from all this stuff I am dealing with Stimpy had finally taken it's toll on me. The funny thing, all during this ordeal, my main concern was that the test would prove positive and I would have to be hospitalized and then not be able to take Stimpy to Columbia. I was so relieved when I was told I could still travel.

That night, I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had. I was told this was a normal reaction after a spinal tap. I could not do anything I needed to do before leaving so I had to postpone it until the next day. I got up early, still fighting a headache and then I had to make arrangements for the other pets.

Mr. Baloo was supposed to go to the vets on Monday the 5th to start his heartworm treatment. The poor guy tested negative for them the previous year but was positive this year. Apparently it is a major ordeal for them to go through. I took him to the vets office and dropped him off.

Next on the list was Mr. Butters. This is Mr. Butters:

This poor little guy has had a rough start in life. He was "adopted" by a family close to us, and after the cute kitten factor wore off, they pretty much abandoned him. He was left outside, with no vaccinations and un-neutered so he could help add to the pet population. He was sick and injured several times and always hungry so naturally he was accepted into the family. He was fed and given shelter and every time he was supposed to get neutered, he was sick. Unfortunately, this poor little guy is feline leukemia positive. Butters has had a hard life. A few weeks ago he almost died from an apparent copperhead snake bite. His face was so swollen and he just laid there not responding. He was taken to the vets and was treated and within a few days, he was doing well.

The day of the trip to Columbia, he was supposed to go over to a friends place who was going to board him. I opened the door and out he ran and disappeared. I spent quite a bit of time looking for him but to no avail. Finally I had to ask my friend if she would go over and look for him. She agreed and she and her husband returned to the home several times to find him but to no avail. Finally, this morning, Chris heard him meow but could not see him. Dana returned to look for him and found him. The little guy had run into a storage shed when I was in there looking for something and I did not see him go in and he got locked in! What a horrible sinking feeling when Dana called me to tell me he was locked in this unit. To make a long story short, a spare key was located in my desk and she and Chris were able to rescue him. He is safe and sound at their rescue. Here is a picture of him that Dana sent me a short while ago.

If anyone feels so inclined, I would love to find him a good forever home. Since he is a special needs cat (like all of the pets!) he does need some special care. If not, he will remain one of the family. If you would like another pet, visit my friends website. They are wonderful people who run a no kill rescue and are always looking for good caring people who can give a pet a forever home.


Even if you cannot adopt a pet from Real Rescue, please consider a donation to help this much needed service. No kill shelters are some of the best friends of animals you will ever find.

Meet another member for the family. This is Privet. Like all cats, they find you. She was starving and thin when she showed up at the house. Food was placed out for her and it was not long before she started begging to come inside. Another long story short, she is now an indoor cat with supervised outdoor trips. I say supervised because there are so many stray dogs that wander onto the property and I am afraid one of them will attack one of the cats. Maybe I worry too much. Privet is a wonderful sweet lap cat who will turn on the purrs the minute you pet her.

Privet got her name because when she first showed up, she appeared out of the privet hedges. Butters was named after the South Park character.


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Jul. 9th, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
Stimpy Hang On!!
I hope Stimpy will be okay! All people who care about animals should let the world know about this. Something should be done about the pharmaceutical companies doing this to our pets! Why hasn't this been exposed on the news?! If one news agency covered this story, then the rest would follow and then the pharmaceutical companies might actually step up and correct this terrible tragedy. You should make them pay for Stimpy's treatments - everyone who has a beloved pet should make them pay for the treatment! Keep your spirits high! I wish you the best!
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