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Moving along...

Monday, October 11, 2010  5:39 PM

Today is Kevin's birthday. He has given me a list of things he wants. You can send them to me and I will make sure he gets them. There is no need to check in with him and make sure he got them. Just send them to me and I will take care of every thing,

He said he wants the following:

50 assorted cans of Fancy Feast

25 cans of venison

Cat scratch post

Cat climbing station

Dog Kennel (make sure it is a nice strong one)

Dog choke collar

Dog tranquilizers

I think that was everything he wanted for his birthday. Like I said, no need to check in with him, I will make sure he gets them.

I have not been feeling real good lately. They took me to the oncologist last week because I was throwing up a lot. On the good side, I did gain a little weight but they are concerned that I am throwing up a lot so more blood was drawn and I was poked and prodded again. I guess we will find out this week if I am doing OK. I heard some talk about a gastroscopy (I have no idea how to say that, let alone spell it!) and I am not sure what it is but it does not sound pleasant. The doc put me on some kind of appetite stimulant and it is supposed to help me not throw up. It seems to work but it makes me feel a little goofy. I go off on my own and just start yowling for no reason. It always makes Kevin come running to make sure I am OK. Hmmm....

Baloo and Chula managed to escape yesterday but the dumb dogs came back. They are totally brainless I am convinced. Kevin was not happy with the gate being left open (again...by someone who will remain nameless here). I think the dogs are bribing Gilberto to leave the gate open so they can escape but they are too dumb to stay away. I keep trying to make a break for it when the door is opened but they are on to me.

Miss Scarlett and Mr. Butters have taken a liking to the basement  and apparently they keep offering up mice in exchange for real food. Dumb cats... all they have to do is give Kevin that sad look and he will give them some Fancy Feast, not this dry stuff. I heard they have also left squirrels, gophers and birds on the altar too. Yeech! Mr. Butters came walking out of the barn the other day, pretty proud of himself and the small bird in his mouth. Privet, Butters and Scarlett took turns playing hacky sack with the poor dead thing. Yeech! How can they even put that in their mouth?

Kevin had some kind of flash this morning and put this collage together. I like it! I do not think the pharmaceutical companies will appreciate the message it contains but it is very obvious what it says. 





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