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Step away from the bowl...

September 29, 2010  10:06 PM

Lately I seem to have this craving for milk  and when I see Kevin eating a bowl of cereal, I pounce on him. He is powerless when I get up on the arm of the chair and start purring and I give him those Puss 'n Boot's eyes, like the ones in Shrek. Actually, I usually just ending up grabing the bowl and pulling it over to my mouth and I lap up the milk before he has a chance to get it back from me.

It has been busy around here. I am feeling pretty good. I have a new favorite food...venison! I just cannot get enough of it. Kevin is happy to give it to me because it means I am eating and putting some of my weight back on. I have quite a collection of canned cat food at the moment. Every time Kevin goes to the store he picks up more because he knows I have a refined palate. They finally had to dedicate an entire shelf in the pantry to display my collection of canned food. Life is good.

Privet and Scarlett are gettiing along fine. They have both laid claims to "their" cars. Privet has chosen the Cat-illac and Scarlett has chosen the yellow one. Silly kitties, do they not know that everything belongs to me? The dogs know this so I guess I will have to show them who reigns around here.

Look closely, that is Privet sitting by the wheel. She really blends in outside.

If you look closely here, you will see Scarlett on top of the Toyota.

The battle with the pharmaceutical companies continues. No answer from them yet so Kevin will send one more certified letter, this time to the legal department, and establish a time limit. He has used the Freedom of Information  Act to obtain reports of the number of VAS cases reported to the USDA as well as anything from Boehringer Ingelheim in relation to their research, etc. I think the numbers will be staggering compared to what they say.

Things are brewing in the VAS Support group too. There is talk of a nice professional brochure being printed and distributed to the vets so they can pass them out to cat owners at the time of vaccination so they will know what to look for. It is hard to believe that VAS has been in the spotlight for nearly 20 years and still, there are no real protocols on disclosure or even the  mention of risks. We figure getting the pharmaceutical companies to step up will be like pulling teeth but if we can reach some vets, maybe things will start changing. We will keep our paws crossed.

That's about all for now. There is some talk that my new bedroom will be ready by the end of October. I have not been allowed to see it yet but I hear it is nice. I was finally able to get the message across that I wanted a king sized bed. I can't wait. Maybe I will let Kevin sleep in once in a while now because I will not want to get up. Ahhhh...I can just feel it now.

Paws out!



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