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My first Post Radiation Therapy CT Scan

September 21, 2010  10:41 AM

Yesterday marked almost seven weeks since my RT ended and I had to go to the oncologist to have a follow up CT scan done. Once again they deprived me of my food the night before and I was forced to go hungry even though the dogs and other cats were allowed to eat. I got even with Kevin though. I woke him up at 2:30 yesterday morning and he could not get back to sleep. Misery loves company!

I was dropped off at the surgery center and left with more strange people and dogs and cats. I do not remember what happened after that until I saw Kevin there to pick me up. I was told my CT scan was good and there are no signs of the cancer returning. Woo hoo! I know it is soon but the first time my tumor was removed it came back pretty quick. I hope the RT was not in vain and I remain cancer free. I will keep my paws crossed.

It seems like there are a lot of strides ahead in this fight against VAS. The pharmaceutical companies could step up and make some changes and start informing people of the risks. I guess their profits are more important. Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer of the rabies vaccination that caused my cancer has so far not responded to the letter that was sent to them. I guess they are hoping it will go away. Fortunately for me and the other kitties, Kevin does not give up easily. He will tackle them, the other pharmaceutical companies, the vets and the legal system that allows this to go on, unchecked. If disclosures are required for humans, they should also be required when they kill your pets too.

Today, the dedication for a VAS cat goes to Amelia, also known as Boo Kitty. Amelia was loved and cherished by her caregiver Eileen. Amelia lost her battle to VAS in May 2009. Just one of thousands who have lost their lives to VAS and still nothing is done. It is heartbreaking to read the stories every week in the VAS Support Group but Kevin does it because it gives him more determination to tackle the system. 

Amelia "Boo Kitty"


         Amelia, aka "Boo Kitty"

                                  May 1999 - May 2009
                       RIP Amelia



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