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Catching up...

September 14, 2010  8:50 PM

It has been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened. I hope I can remember everything.

Mr. Baloo must have found a dead animal on the estate and he rolled around in it. He still stinks and that was four or five days ago. Kevin was outside and the smell was so bad that someone suggested that perhaps it was the smell from the stockyards, MILES AWAY, because of the high winds. He has been banished from the house until he can get a bath. Today he decided to freshen up his smell so he went and jumped in the pond, and was then all covered with slimy green stuff. Dogs...go figure.

Miss Scarlet...the newest one to show up around here, is scheduled to go into the vet tomorrow. It appears she is pregnant, and there is a good chance she is feline leukemia positive since she has been living outside so that means her kittens will be positive most likely. Kevin is uncertain what to do. Right now she is at Dana's rescue because she had to be quarantined for the evening. Hopefully she will be negative and then Kevin and Dana will adopt the kittens out and then have her spayed. IF she is NOT pregnant, just bloated from eating so much, then she will be spayed tomorrow before returning to the ranch. Hopefully she will be OK.

I have figured out a way to get Kevin out of bed early to feed me. I noticed that when I hack up a hairball, or throw up, he always responds immediately. My stomach has been a little upset lately so some foods make me throw up. They have me on a gentle foods diet and it seems to help. Kevin seems to want to sleep in past 5:30 these days so there have been a few times that I have strategically placed a hairball right where his foot lands when he gets out of bed. He he...it really makes him squeal. He has gotten smarter though and now he keeps a flashlight next to the bed when he gets up so it has not worked as well lately. It does get him up so he feeds me.

There has been a lot going on in the VAS support group this week too. A few new members (this is sad because it means their cat has VAS), a few sad stories of cats losing their battle to VAS and some losing their leg to VAS.

When Kevin was in New Zealand in 2001, he came across an artist who made some wonderful bronzes. He saw one in a gallery in Christchurch and he almost bought it but decided against it. Last year he came across the artist again and thought about commissioning a bronze with a man, a cat and a dog. After I was diagnosed with VAS, he finally decided what he wanted. He commissioned a bronze piece with a man kneeling down with arms outstretched towards a cat and the cat and looking up at the man. The artist is Trevor Askin. You can view some of his works here:


He is a wonderful artist and he was able to express Kevin's thoughts about the bronze perfectly. The piece is called "My Friend". Kevin originally wanted the piece as a tribute to our friendship over the years but he decided instead to dedicate it all VAS cats, past, present and future. Hopefully it will become a symbol for VAS awareness. Here is a picture of "My Friend".

My Friend

My Friend 

                                                                                "MY FRIEND" 

                   Bronze by New Zealand artist Trevor J. Askin. Dedicated to all VAS
                                         cats, Past, Present and Future.

Tomorrow I return to the oncologist for a follow up appointment and then I return to the surgeon who performed my second surgery  to get my first follow up cat scan. So far things seem pretty good. There is no sign or the tumor returning and I am feeling pretty good. I put some weight back on I think so that is good. My appointment was last week but it had to be rescheduled for later. Too many things going on right now. I will let everyone know how I am doing.

Miss Privet was having delusions of grandeur the other day. I think she thought she was a jaguar and made for a better hood ornament than the one they have. I don't think she realizes she is sitting on a Cat-illac.


Here is a pretty good picture of Privet. She loves sitting in your lap. She will sit there until you get up and purrs the whole time. She is really a pretty sweet cat. 


That's about all for now. I will try and write more this week and update everyone. Kevin is thinking about going home to visit his mom soon so that means I will be on my own. I will have the run of the place. I will tell my caretakers, "This is not the cat  you are looking for", "She can have anything she wants", "I can go about my business", "Move along, move along". Ha ha...the dogs will fear me while he is gone. I will make them bring me offerings of fresh fish and milk in exchange for sparing them of my wrath.

Paws out.

UPDATE: 11:42 PM

It is another sad day for the VAS support group. Casey, beloved friend of Carly, passed on today. Carly is another victim of vaccine associated sarcoma. RIP Casey.


                 RIP September 14, 2010



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