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Mr. Baloo has gone nuts

September 6, 2010  9:50 PM

So, there we were, sleeping peacefully the other night. Suddenly Mr. Baloo decided he needed to bark like a mad dog. It was so loud that I just about hot the ceiling. Kevin got up and checked things out, looked outside, and he thinks someone had opened the gate.  He finally calmed down and we could sleep again.

My leg is a little sore. I am not sure if it is from the radiation therapy or more likely, it is from the deep cut they had to make to remove my tumor. Kevin was rubbing my leg and I gave out a little yelp myself. I just hope I do not get any more morphine, it makes me constipated. I think Kevin prefers it though. The other day he woke up and pretended like he was gagging after I had used the litter box. I even left one sticking straight up so he would know where to dig. Go figure, some people do not appreciate my little gifts.

My buddy Smudge in Columbia is having a little bit of a hard time. He was supposed to start radiation therapy last week but somehow he got a case of ringworm so they had to give him some antifungal meds and postpone his RT. Hopefully he will be able to start tomorrow. They have been feeding him through a tube and he has to take anti nausea meds. Fortunately I did not have to do any of that. I did lose a little weight after coming home but I have gained some of it back. Kevin has been feeding me whenever I give him that sad, starving look. Yesterday as he was eating his cereal, I sat on the arm of the chair and turned on the purrs. He was powerless and soon I was lapping up the leftover milk from the bowl. He is putty in my paws.

There was some sad news this week. Another comrade lost his battle to VAS and he had to say goodbye to his caregivers. Another one reports that her tumor has returned even after they had clean margins three months ago. On the dog front, a good buddy had to say goodbye after 13 years due to cancer too. Sometimes I feel pretty lucky. Some cats get VAS at a very early age. I was lucky that it did not happen until I was 15. I have been well cared for and given whatever I need. Some are not so lucky. Kevin continues fighting the battle to get the pharmaceutical companies and vets to change their ways. He, along with the VAS support group, are trying to get some changes made so there has to be some informed consent. Kevin has some plans to get this really rolling. I cannot report them here, as I have been sworn to secrecy. Kevin has been very good at fighting to change things in the past. I know he will do whatever he can for me and my fellow cats.

Here are a few funny video's for my fan club. I would just like to say I appreciate the nice notes I get every week. My blog has reached as far as Russia and New Zealand! I am not sure what this cat is on, but I think he had way too much catnip!

This video just leaves me speechless! It is no wonder cats rule after seeing this video. No self respecting cat would ever do this! What is this dog thinking???

OK, it is time for bed so I will say good night for now. There is a lot going on this week. I hear talk about a trip to Tucson. OH BOY! I love Tucson! I also hear that the workers at the house will be finished this week so things will return to normal soon. I also heard that there is another cat hanging around the barn. Kevin thinks she could be a sibling of Privet and Butters. She looks like them and have both of their colors. Kevin calls her Ms. Scarlett because he says she will never go hungry again. I think word has spread there is food, water and shelter here because these cats keep appearing out of no where! Sheeshh!



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